Témoignages - rire!

Bonjour Sophie,

Back in Toronto for a week, after a week-end of certification training with you to become a Laughter Yoga leader, I am still high. Sophie, I feel as revived as if I had spent a week in a resort. Not only did we have fun for 3 days, but you have provided the perfect environment for learning in the most balanced workshop between the theory, the practice, and... the laughter of course. The environment of the CARMEN Centre was ideal.

I am in awe about your ability to find the strength in each of us and to convey to us a way to boost it. I also noticed that you caught every single one of our mistakes - hoho hahaha. The way you shared your observations with compassion, care, and guidance was conducive to our growth and brought us to a place of peace and self confidence.

I did integrate a 15 minute Laughter Yoga session in a workshop I was leading today on creativity. Even if I seriously lack experience, I felt indeed confident about my knowledge and understanding of Laughter Yoga and I enjoyed immensely the energy you have inspired me to create. I have so much gratitude for your generosity of yourself and for your total professionalism in all aspects of your training. You are the model I aspire to become.
Well, Sophie, I wish you the very best in your laughing journey, and I sincerely hope that I will have the joy of meeting you again very soon. Merci du fond du coeur.

Very warmly yours,

Rita Czarny, C. Med. , RTC
Accredited Family Mediator (OAFM)
Roster Mediator, OMMP, Toronto/Ottawa
IMI Certified (International Mediation Institute)